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About Us

From Mother To Daughter, Generations of Service

In the mid-1970s, Sue Evans was a mother in need of steady income when a friend with a manufacturing business identified an opportunity for her. Sue’s friend agreed to manufacture ear seals that were widely used in educational media and government applications in his factory if Sue would sell them. Not only was Sue successful in selling the ear seals to the government, she quickly earned contracts with organizations beyond the government. It wasn’t long before Sue outgrew her space in the factory and began manufacturing the ear seals on her own. Evans Industries’ reputation quickly spread and Sue earned customers that she has retained 40 years later.

Since Bevan Evans was eight years old, she has looked forward to one day stepping into her mother’s shoes at Evans Industries. It is with great pride that Sue confidently passes the torch to Bevan and positions her to successfully guide Evans Industries into the years ahead.

Our Philosophy

Once you've trusted your project in the competent, capable, experienced hands of Evans Industries, we want you to feel 100% comfortable when communicating your needs and 100% confident that we will go the extra mile for you and your project.

We'll never promise on what we can't deliver, but we will promise to deliver what your product needs. Contact us today to find out if Evans Industries is the right fit for you.

Worldwide Service

We may work quietly, but companies and industries worldwide count on us to deliver on what they need, when they need it — all with a level of dedicated customer service they deserve.

Need Help? We'll Listen

We'll be happy to discuss your specific requirements and how we can quietly amplify your products.